Lawn Care Services in Flagstaff, AZ

Is your lawn looking tired and dull? It’s time to call in the experts in lawn care and maintenance. Elevated AZ Landscaping is Flagstaff, Arizona’s leading lawn care service and contractor. If there’s one thing we know at Lawn Care, it’s lawn care! We offer a reliable service covering all your residential and commercial lawn service needs.

Lawn Mowing

Elevated AZ Landscaping only uses top-quality, industrial-grade mowers to cut your lawn. We don’t rely on inferior tools such as brush cutters, weedeaters, or nail clippers to maintain properties. You can count on us to keep your lawn in perfect condition throughout the year.

We create beautifully smooth and neat edges for your garden using professional brush cutters. A perfectly manicured lawn always has perfectly trimmed edges. It’s the staple of good work! If those are your requirements, we will gladly deliver on your request!

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Insect Control

If you want your lawn to grow and be luscious and green, you’ll need to get those pests under control. Let  Elevated AZ Landscaping help you by caring for this problem and providing effective insect control solutions to ensure your grass grows and stays beautiful all year.

We can do maintenance on your lawn throughout the year. We offer applications to eliminate crickets, caterpillars, slugs, and other insects that damage the turf. You won’t have to worry about those pesky insects ever again. Please leave it in our capable hands.


Your turf needs fertilizer to help it grow and become thick and vibrantly green. This means that you need the services of a reliable contractor to conduct regular granular feedings that will ensure your goals for a greener, brighter lawn are achieved.

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Weed Control

Weed control is a requirement if you want your lawn to remain beautiful. Weeds are one of the most prominent problems landscapers face when keeping your property in check. Various types of weeds can pop up throughout the year. If they aren’t maintained, they can quickly get out of control and wreak havoc on your beautiful lawn. Let Elevated AZ Landscaping care for your weed infestation and help create that beautifully manicured lawn you dream about!

We offer a one-time service or a maintenance contract for your convenience. Depending on your needs, we can come in once, twice, or thrice a month to take care of your lawn.