Landscaping Services in Flagstaff, AZ

Are you looking for a landscaping contractor in Flagstaff, Arizona, that you can trust? Someone that will get the job done on time and deliver the results you are looking for? Talk to us! Elevated AZ Landscaping specializes in full-service landscaping that will transform your property from drab to fab in no time! We are the leading landscaping contractor in the area, and we offer a landscaping service tailored to your individual needs.

We can provide that service if you only need a contractor to cut your grass once or twice a month. However, we offer more than a basic landscaping service. We can start with a simple service and scale according to your budget and needs. When we enter your property, we take all features of your property into account to formulate a landscape design that you will love and will fit naturally with the parts of your garden and the aesthetic of your home.

Lawn Mowing

Our work focuses on attention to detail when mowing your lawn. We ensure all edges are perfectly aligned and your grass is level from every point. We remove any weeds and care for your soil to ensure your grass grows luscious and green. Our service is dependable. We will always show up at the agreed time and complete your lawn mowing service as soon as possible to prevent disruptions to your day.

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Pest Control

Do you struggle with bugs and other pests in your garden? Do your flowers and other greenery die, and you don’t understand why? It may be time to enlist the help of a pest control expert. Allow Elevated AZ Landscaping to remove bugs and pests from your garden so your flowers, shrubs, and bushes can grow beautifully.

Branch Trimming and Removal

Do the branches on your trees extend over into your neighbor’s yard? Let us trim and remove those branches and keep your trees in top condition. We do monthly yard maintenance and remove leaves and debris, keeping your garden neat and manicured.

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Shrubs, Bushes, Flowers

We can guide you in selecting the best shrubs, bushes, flowers, and plants for your garden and climate. We have expert knowledge of different species of plants and can recommend landscaping features, plants, and other features that will make your garden come alive. Whether you want to add perennials or annuals to your garden, we can guide you to making the best selection and add the desired features to complement your greenery, such as mulch.

Talk to us today to schedule an appointment! Let’s create the garden of your dreams!

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